Wedding Dress Shopping: 8 Signs It's ‘The One’

Wedding dress shopping is the best kind of shopping.

It’s guilt free (because you have to buy a dress, right?) and you get to sip free champagne whilst you browse. However, after trying on the millionth dress in the millionth shop you may start to ask yourself: how will I know if it’s ‘The One’? After all, you loved the last gown you tried on but it didn’t bring tears to your eyes, and the first dress you slipped into made you shed a tear - but it didn’t skim over your hips. They say when you know, you know, but come on, that’s really not helpful. Thankfully, we come with some tips and tricks to help you recognise ‘The One’, letting you know when it’s finally time to bring out your purse.


1) Have you shopped around?


There’s no right amount of wedding dresses to try on before you make your decision, but if you’re having doubts about a certain dress - try on some more! You’re extremely lucky if you find your dream wedding dress after one shopping trip. Many brides will have to plough through at least three bridal shops before they find ‘The One.’ It’s logical - the more you try, the more likely you are the find that perfect dress.


wedding dress shopping


2) How does it make you feel?


It may not be the dress that you pictured yourself walking down the aisle in, but does it make you feel a million dollars? Be open minded to new styles and shapes and remember - sometimes you have to ditch an old dream for a new one. However, if you feel the slightest bit uncomfortable in the gown, take it off pronto - and don’t, repeat, don’t blame your body. There’s a dress out there that’s perfect for your body shape, so any insecurities are a sure sign that it’s not ‘The One.’


wedding dress shopping


3) Is it sticking in your mind?


So you tried on a beautiful gown yesterday, and now you find yourself mentally comparing it to every single dress you like. What does this mean? Well, it sounds like you’re onto a winner here. If a dress is sticking in your mind for longer than a few hours, then it’s a serious contender. If no gown compares to its sheer beauty, it may be time to end your search. Congratulations!


wedding dress shopping


4) Do you wish it was different?


It may sound obvious, but wishing your dress had more sequins, less buttons and shorter sleeves may mean that it’s not the perfect dress for you. You may keep telling yourself that it’s virtually flawless apart from these small factors, but wouldn’t it be better to find a dress that was perfect just the way it is?


wedding dress shopping


5) No tears?


You love the dress, but where are those tears you’ve heard are supposed to gush out? Ladies, it’s an old myth that trying on the perfect gown will bring tears to your eyes. Don’t rely on the tears rolling down your face to know if you’ve found ‘The One’ - they can mean nothing. Some of us are more emotional than others, and let’s be honest, trying on your first dress will always be pretty moving. Just because the waterworks aren’t flowing, it doesn't mean you haven’t found your dream dress.


wedding dress shopping


6) Are you settling?


This is important - don’t settle for a dress that doesn’t make you feel at least a million dollars. It’s your big day and you deserve to feel the most beautiful you’ve ever felt, so search high and low for Mrs Right. Start your wedding dress shopping early and give yourself plenty of time to comb through all of your favourite bridal shops.


wedding dress shopping


7) Can you afford it?


Ladies, we can all dream. There’s so many designer wedding dresses out there that are so beautiful but so out of our price range. A dress is not worth breaking the bank for, so at the end of the day, if your heart’s fixed on a pricey dress that you know you can’t afford, it may be time to put that dream to bed.


wedding dress shopping


8) Does it suit your wedding?


So you’re stuck between two gorgeous gowns - one strapless; one long sleeved. If you’re really finding it hard deciding between two dream dresses, take your wedding venue, season, and theme into consideration and pick your dress according to what will best suit the style of your wedding.


wedding dress shopping


Not sure where to start? That's why we're here.

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