Top 4 Tips for Calming Wedding Nerves

As a make-up artist of 3 years I've seen it all! But these tricks are a fail-safe to killing wedding day nerves.

I see a lot of different responses from brides when I ask them how they’re feeling about their big day. At a make-up trial the response is usually; ‘I’m calm’, ‘I’m excited’ or ‘everything's going really well’. The day of the wedding is usually (but not always) a different story.


Having been in the industry for around three years I'm always ready to help calm wedding nerves with these essential tips:


1) Booze


It may not be the remedy that most would use to combat pre-wedding jitters but it certainly has helped most of my brides. Now I’m not saying to drink so much that you have to be guided down the aisle by your bridesmaids, but having a glass of bubbles is such a good way to calm a few nerves, plus, think of the great photos your photographer can take of you opening the bottle!


wedding nerves


2) Take a Count


I am a constant planner. I know what I’m doing, how I’m doing it and when I’m doing it. If you’re like me then take a moment by yourself and mentally check off your list everything that you have done. You could even share your checklist with the bridesmaids and family so they'll be ready to help!


wedding nerves


3) Eat


If you ever have me as your wedding make-up artist, I will flat out refuse to do your make-up until you have eaten something. While you may not feel like it, you do need to eat. Weddings are long and even when you do sit down to eat, guests will be coming up to talk to you, so it’s important to eat while you can.


wedding nerves


4) Walk


Sometimes if things are getting a bit hectic, it’s good to just take 5. If you can, go for a little walk alone and get some fresh air. If you can’t leave the room, get everybody else to.


Put on your favourite song (Taylor Swift –‘ Shake it off’ is mine if you’re interested) and just dance or sing or do whatever you need to do to shake off (see what I did?) the pre wedding nerves.


If all else fails then just breathe. The most important part of this day is that you will be marrying the person that you want to spend your life with. That is all that matters, not the where or the how, but the who. Celebrate that and enjoy it!


wedding nerves


Let's Get Weddy to help you kick those nerves!

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