Tips On Having a Fairy-Tale Wedding

Once upon a time there were fairy-tales. Now...there are fairy-tale weddings.

Everybody loves fairy-tales, right? With movies like Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, it is almost impossible not to get caught into a sort of childish nostalgia for Disney movies, fairy tales and happy endings. Even now, most of us keep being drawn to storybook tales of a fair maiden and her Prince Charming. And that’s what a lot of brides-to be are looking for on the most important day of their lives: an unforgettable fairy tale-inspired wedding. If you have always dreamed of having a fairy tale wedding, but you are not quite sure of how to pull it off, you are in the right place.


First of all, no fairy tale starts without a proposal. Prince asks Princess to marry him. The romantic prince needs to be proposing on one knee, ideally in a special romantic venue so that the moment will be remembered forever. One suggestion: hire a professional photographer or ask a friend to takes photographs in order to capture the proposal step by step.


fairy tale proposal


To make your wedding even more romantic, you have to think about creating romantic wedding invitations. How about creating invitations in the style of a fairy tale video clip, a sort of unfolding book to give your guests the experience that they are unfolding a fairy tale booklet?


fairy tale wedding


Also, choose an amazing venue for your wedding ceremony. It could be a dreamy island or a venue with a playful yet romantic atmosphere or even a place that reminds you and your partner of where you met for the first time.


fairy tale wedding


Set a fairy tale wedding decor scene. Choose a theme and the flowers carefully. Antique-styled colour roses are perfect for a fairy tale-inspired wedding. And the decor should be made up of string pearls, lace, books and candelabras.


fairy tale wedding


Finally, don’t forget about the Fairy tale confetti: a very clever idea would be to make confetti cones from pages from a real fairy tale book, that then need to folded into shape of cones and wrapped around with nice ribbons.


fairy tale wedding


These are just a few details for a perfect fairy-tale wedding. Bring on the happy endings!


If fairy-tale weddings don't make your dreams come true, check out these great ideas for a wedding that's a bit more rock 'n' roll.

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