The Father Of The Bride Speech

Among all the special moments in a wedding, there is one very special moment that cannot NOT be mentioned, and that is the Father Of The Bride wedding speech.

At most weddings, the father of the bride is the special man you have your first dance with and usually the first to speak.  As we all know making the perfect father of the bride speech can be difficult. Given that the content of the speech will depend on the kind of relationship your dad has with your husband-to-be. However, here’s a few tips to follow:


A good speech should last about 5 minutes and should generally be personal and heart-warming. It should begin by thanking all the guests for attending the ceremony and it should continue by welcoming the groom into your family . If your dad’s tendency is to make humorous speeches, he probably should drop in a little sentiment. Not too much though, because we all know that by the time he tells you how proud he is of you, everybody is going to cry like a baby.


father bride speech


A good speech needs to be entertaining without being crass. It’s okay to tell jokes, but the stories your father tells should never make you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.


Should your father fear losing his speech,  it might be a good idea to make copies and give them to siblings and friends.  Maybe it would be useful to read the speech over and over again. It is not necessary to learn it by heart. However, trying and learn the speech could make your dad feel more self-confident. If he’s really too nervous about having to talk in front of people, why not have one or two drinks? They might help calm his nerves.


father of the bride speech


Finally, the  Father of the bride speech is supposed to be a symbolic and fun moment. You’re going to be surrounded by friends and family who won’t care if your dad fluff his lines. They're all going to be there to celebrate the love between two people.


That’s why your dad should be finishing off his speach with a toast “To the bride and groom”.


father of the bride speech


We've put this together for you, so you won't miss a detail for the special day!

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