Punk Rock Wedding Theme!

Are you getting married? Well, congratulations!

So are my friends Marc and Lola and they are super excited about it. Let’s just say that Lola is not going to be wearing the classic white gown every single bride is supposed to wear on her wedding day. The reason is simple. Marc and Lola want an unconventional wedding theme … just like them.


Even Marc’s proposal wasn’t exactly conventional. It happened while they were lying in bed. Marc asked Lola “So when are we getting married, then?” and Lola replied: “You haven’t proposed yet.” So Marc proposed to her and they called their parents to give them the news.


wedding theme


For them, who have been together for so many years, getting married is more a formality than a declaration of commitment. It looks like their wedding is going to be very much DIY, with no more than £5000 spent on the whole thing. Maybe I should specify that Marc and Lola have become friends through the East Brisbane punk scene and they fell in love during a gig. He is a very talented guitarist and she was a fan always trying to get close to the band because they always had free drinks!!!


When they started planning the wedding, Lola didn’t know exactly what she wanted so she ended up searching on the Internet for a lot of stuff she didn’t even need. They wrote their own vows and guess who they chose to be their celebrant? An ex-communicated priest who was kicked out of the church for advocating gay marriage. Totally punk rock!


wedding theme


Finally, the wedding venue –nothing is certain yet!- is probably going to be a music festival, an amazing location by the sea with bands of punk rockers and rocakbillies playing their songs, all surronded by good beer and a lot of people in Doctor Martens and denim jackets.


Let Weddy perfect your punk rock theme.

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