How to Save Money on the Cake

How to save money on your wedding cake...

According to the Wedding Etiquette, your wedding cake is often seen as the ultimate representation of your wedding as a whole. Choosing a wedding cake feels like a major decision. Some people love it, some others don’t.


There is no need for me to tell you that the wedding cake can be extremely expensive, especially if you want it to be majestic and delicious. However, there are ways to lower the wedding cake price whilst still going for the classiest (and the most delicious) of cakes.


saving on wedding cake


First of all, find decorations that suit your taste and check their prices, before your agree to give an order to the baker.


Then, you should decide on how you want to decorate your wedding cake, whether you think it is better to keep it simple and cute or splendid and rich.


saving on wedding cakes


The number-one rule to keep in mind is that it’s mainly the labor, that is the time spent constructing, icing and detailing the cake, that determines most of the cost. It’s not the ingredients. Therefore, go smaller. If you choose a smaller, two-to-three tier wedding cake for your display and then have a non-decorated cake in the kitchen from which your servers will cut most of the guest slices, you’ll save a lot of money. Go square as a square cake will usually feed more guests, since it’s easier to cut.


Finally, look in unexpected places. Keep in mind that your local supermarket could offer a wide range of cakes at a lesser cost than your bakery.


saving on wedding cake


You could even think about decorating your cake with seasonal flowers instead of sugar ones and that would save quite a lot of money, too.


And well, you could even ditch the cake altogether. Maybe you’re not that much of a cake person or maybe you think it’s not worth the money you’re going to spend or maybe you just want to break the rules and do something non-conventional. There’s no rule that says that at your wedding you must have cake, so it’s entirely up to you.


saving on wedding cake


That said, bring on the cake.


Or maybe not.


Not feeling cake? Check out these sweet wedding cake alternatives that might just tickle your fancy!

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