Decorations For Your Summer Wedding

Stuck for inspiration for your summer wedding? Here are some perfect summer wedding ideas.

If the weather reports are to be believed we are in for some scorching weather over the coming months. We say: bring it on! A bit of sunshine and glorious summer heat is almost always welcomed; especially on your wedding day. Unfortunately, when you and your guests are in all your finery, the heat can become a little stifling.


In order for you and your guests to keep their cool why not consider some of these stylish yet useful summer wedding ideas.


Use Nature


summer wedding ideas


If you’re having an outdoor wedding then why not say your vows under a lovely, big tree? It will provide everyone with some much needed shade and you’ll be able to hang fairy lights and bunting from it. Not only that but we think the tree itself makes a lovely focal point.


Pitch a Tent


summer wedding ideas


It might not sound glamorous but trust us, you can get some pretty swanky tents! This will provide shade for your guests during the day and also provides somewhere to shelter from the evening breeze. Kit your tent out with some state of the art air con or fans to give everyone some much needed relief.


Provide Parasols


summer wedding ideas


Parasols are so pretty! set up cute baskets of them around your venue so that your guests can help themselves. Your male guests probably won’t partake but think of the lovely photos you can have with all your girls and their cute and colourful parasols.


Beer Boat


summer wedding ideas


We love this nautical idea for a beach wedding. fill up a canoe or dinghy with ice and toss in bottles of beer for your guests to help themselves to. You could always substitute the boat for a wheelbarrow or for some other vessel that is more in keeping with your theme.


Keep it light


summer wedding ideas


Unlike dark colours, light colours don’t hold the heat. using light and airy colours will give the illusion of cooler temperatures; you won’t feel quite so hot even if the thermometers say otherwise!


Serve up some citrus.


summer wedding ideas


Set up a cocktail bar for your guests which serves citrus based drinks. Nothing says summer refreshment like lemon and lime! Incorporate big buckets of ice into your bar set up so everyone can keep their drinks cool throughout the day.


If you want anymore unique wedding decorations or ideas, check out 10 small wedding planning ideas for lots of inspiration

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