Alternative Wedding Music Ideas You Will Love!

Swap a band or a DJ for a choir or a steel drums with these alternative wedding music ideas!

If you’re tired of hearing Bruno Mars’ Marry You every time you attend a wedding, then you’re not alone. Many couples are now opting for alternative wedding music as a new, poignant way to celebrate their love.


Of course having a choir sweating out Boogie Wonderland and others for the whole night may be a bit much, but don’t have to settle for just a band or a DJ the whole night; switch it up with some of these ideas to get you in the mood for dancing!


Pied Piper


Not exactly the stuff of fairy tales, but if either of you wish to pay homage to your Scottish roots, get some bagpipes signalling your arrival for the ceremony! For those with Irish in their veins, a set of Uilleann pipes would also be perfect.


wedding music


A Choir’s Chorus


There won’t be a dry eye in the house once a choir ends their song. Your local school choir or even a group of friends with angelic voices should do the trick.


wedding music


Sing Us A Song


If you can hold a tune or two and have a bit of confidence, why not sing a song to your spouse while giving a speech. If the thought of singing alone terrifies you, why not make a karaoke night of it? Grab your family, friends and a few cocktails before you get singing!


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Steel Drums


Perfect for a summer wedding on a beach,  this is an idea for alternative wedding music both you and your guests will love! Take a trip to the Caribbean without even booking a ticket. Get some fun outdoor party games to lift everyone’s spirits. You won’t regret combining entertainment and music in one!


wedding music


Let's get Weddy for some real wedding music here.

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