5 Smooth Sailing Ideas For a Nautical Beach Wedding

Sun, sea, and sand. This eternally glorious combination makes great holidays, idyllic honeymoons and, for some, unforgettable wedding days.

Regardless of whether you are a “beach” person, it’s impossible to argue that the idea of being carried through the gentle, lapping waves at sunset by your new husband isn’t one of the most perfectly romantic scenarios imaginable. An English coast and the Hawaiian beach wedding are entirely different, but both have the potential to be truly stunning wedding locations.


1) Location Is Key


In the pictures below, the beach location is an accompaniment to the wedding itself; if you want to go down the scenic abroad route, be prepared to keep it small- not everyone can afford to travel, so it’s likely to be an intimate family affair, especially if it’s relatively short notice- and embrace the exotic nature of your setting; choose native flowers, and stage your wedding through an entire day, so the guests can appreciate the location just as much as you want them to.


beach wedding


2) Sea Inspiration


For some, the sea becomes the theme. It’s absolutely brimming with inspiration, so show off your love of everything ocean-related. Shells are wonderful for this- they fit right in if you like the rustic, washed-up driftwood look; which, if you do like, why not source some local driftwood shop, and use them as name-cards for the guests?


Get creative with your wedding invitations, too. What could be more memorable, or indicative of your theme, than a romantic message in a bottle for your guests? And there are many ways you can express your theme in your dress, too, from adding shells to the fabrics, or simply having a billowy, wave-like tresses that will leave you feeling a little bit like Poseidon’s Bride.


beach wedding


3) Colour Scheme


Another thing about a sea-themed wedding is the colour scheme. Blues, greens, whites- you can’t go wrong with these soft, gentle colours, especially when combined with candles, glass bottles and other sea paraphernalia.


Of course, the theme works with warm colours, too- the combination of shells and petals works really well; a very effective idea for centrepieces and bouquets!


beach wedding


4) Seashells


We already know how nice seashells can be- especially locally-sourced ones, which will give your wedding even more of a personal touch. Shells and coral make lovely decorations- though I’m not entirely sure how the designers of the cake on the left envisaged it being eaten.


Similarly, shells bouquet arrangements make for a lovely alternative to flowers, but just be careful of the sharp edges! And maybe reconsider the whole, “bride throws the bouquet” thing.


beach wedding


5) Have Fun!


You really do have absolute freedom with this theme; you can be as formal or as loose as you like. Be inspired to work with simple but rustic designs, go local with the shells and the food, which really has to be freshly caught fish dishes if you want to truly embrace the theme with open arms. Ultimately- have fun!


beach wedding


Use this tool to plan your ultimate nautical beach wedding!

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